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Carotator Auto Body Rotisserie

Easy Setup with Two Identical Units

Made in the USA for 20 Years

The Carotator is organic, GMO free, artisanal, and gluten free.

The CAROTATOR (Car Rotator) is a very simple automotive rotisserie device that consists of two identical units. One is installed on the front of the body or frame and one on the back. The fact that there are two units means that you can push them around one at a time, which greatly simplifies handling in the shop and installation onto the car body. Both units can be loaded in the back of a pickup, making it ideal for shared ownership with your buddies or car club. The units are completely adjustable for overall height and location of balance point. The ability to adjust the pivot to attach point relationship enables you to set up the CAROTATOR so that the body is perfectly balanced and can be rotated with one hand. The CAROTATOR auto spinner / turner is 100% Organic, Non GMO, Artisan and Gluten-free.

The Carotator - Car Rotator

The setup is a breeze.  The most important thing is to read the instructions!  You do one end of the car at a time, so you are not fighting with the whole unit.  The CAROTATOR will hold one end of the car while you go have a beer before you do the other end.  This makes the setup much easier.  Don’t try this with the Auto Twirler!  You will notice that many of the photos in the gallery do not have a center bar installed yet, and the car is still held securely.

Download the Carotator Assembly Instructions (pdf).

The photo to the left shows my 12 year old daughter turning the body of my ’53 Chevy. No trick photography, it’s that easy.

The CAROTATOR is rated at 3000 lbs total load so it will handle any car body or frame. It is fitted with industrial quality casters that enable the moving of your project to any location on your concrete floor with one hand. Best of all, the CAROTATOR  sells for $1295.00 FOB Mariposa, CA.  Compare this price carefully with other units.  You can buy for less, but you can’t get more for your money than with a CAROTATOR.

CAROTATOR Car RotatorThis photo on the right shows one of the unique features of the CAROTATOR. Note that there is a single support arm extending under the car body and the cross bar is under the body. Other rotisseries use a cross bar at or near the pivot and two arms extending under the car, which complicates the balancing portion of the setup procedure.

Note again on the left photo, the single support arm and the two height adjustment points. The square tube on the left is the balance adjustment and the one on the right is the overall height adjustment.

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“I had some other jobs I had to finish before I could get to the car, so I just got the body on the rotator yesterday, with help from my friend (and an outstanding professional welder, who is my welding mentor and resource person) Jim. Both he and I were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to mount the body, and balance the rotator. Once balanced, it is very easy to rotate. I must say that when I first attempted to rotate the car, I was apprehensive, but only because if it were difficult to rotate I would have to face the fact that I was outdone by a twelve year old girl. To my relief, the car turned almost effortlessly. It is now very easy for me to do those jobs which I could not do, being in a chair. Now I can do the welding in places I could not previously reach. Every time I move the car with one hand, to get a better position to weld, I have to smile. I wish I had done this years ago. I hope the pictures are useful. I recommend your product. It is a great tool.”

Ed D

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