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What is the CAROTATOR’s maximum length?
There is no maximum length. The CAROTATOR is made up of two separate units that will accommodate any car. Any car that has a firewall-forward front clip that comes off will work fine. If your car is a full unibody, like a Mustang or many MoPars, you will need some extra length on the center bar. I can provide this material, or you can get if from your local steel supplier.

How much weight can the CAROTATOR support?
The CAROTATOR is designed for a working load of 3000#.

What’s the difference between the CAROTATOR and the other auto rotisseries?
The sizes of the tube sets are larger.
The casters are larger and industrial quality.
The unit is Made in the USA.
There are no “extras” to buy. The CAROTATOR comes with everything you need.

What are the sizes of the steel tubes?
The main structural members are 3-1/2” and 4” square tubing with 3/16” wall thickness.

How easy does the CAROTATOR turn?
If the car is set up right, you can easily turn it with one hand. You will never have to say “Hold my beer and watch this!”

How hard is the setup?
Illustrated instructions make the setup a breeze, if you read them. Figure on two or three hours for the first setup. Once you do it the first time, it will take about an hour. Download the CAROTATOR Assembly Instructions (pdf).

Do I need to purchase any accessories with the Carotator?
No. Everything you need is included.

What else can I do with a CAROTATOR?
We have had some interesting applications.
Boeing bought a CAROTATOR to use as a jig for building composite wings.
A general contractor bought one to transport large steel plates into an existing building to build a steel floor.
A customer in Lodi uses one in the course of installing armor in cars

Where is the CAROTATOR built and who does the manufacturing?
The CAROTATOR is built in Mariposa, California by the designer and the owner of the company, Dave Lombard, PE. He is a licensed Mechanical Engineer and Certified Welder.

Where can I see the CAROTATOR in person?
Come to Spring/Fall or Winter Turlock Auto Swap Meet, or call me. I probably have a customer in your area. You are always welcome to come by the shop.

Can I call you if I have a problem?
Of course. My number is 209-966-6200. When you call, I will ask you if you’ve read the instructions! If you say no, I will hang up! 😊

Is there a warranty?
Not per se, but in 20 years and over 450 units, I have never had a problem. No matter what, I will take care of you.