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Special Features of the CAROTATOR (Car Rotator):

Center Bar

The center bar acts to tie the two CAROTATOR units together to facilitate loading and unloading from the trailer. It also stabilizes the unit to eliminate unwanted motion during rotation.

Attach Brackets

Our attach brackets are darn near “one-size-fits-all”. However, if you don’t like them, I will build whatever you want for free. Send me a drawing and your wish is my command. In 20 years of building CAROTATORs, I have only made about three sets of special brackets. Auto restoration customized for you.


The hydraulics mitigate the need for a jack or cherry picker when setting up the car on the CAROTATOR Auto Body Rotisserie.

20 year anniversary manufacturing CAROTATOR Auto Spinners  Made in the USA     

Start your Restoration Project with the CAROTATOR

The best Auto Rotisserie / Turner, built in the USA for 20 years.