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$1295 FOB Mariposa, California

Give us a call at 209-966-6200, or email Dave at dave@carotator.com, or fill out this form, and check what we have in stock.

Occasionally we are out of stock but the maximum lead time is always less than a week.

We can ship to your location, or load you when you arrive at our shop.

Download the Carotator Assembly Instructions (pdf).

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A lot of folks ask about how much space a Carotator occupies.  The design has evolved over the years to allow for compact storage and shipping.  Here is a complete unit in the back of a standard pickup.  I have loaded them in small and midsized SUVs and even an HHR and a Mitsubishi station wagon! This is how the unit is packaged on a standard pallet for shipping.  The total space is 48 x 60 x 18.  It packs away so compactly, you might lose it in your shop!